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What to Do After Fire Damage | SERVPRO® of Prattville

7/5/2024 (Permalink)

Fire damage response graphic by SERVPRO of Prattville Fire icon and SERVPRO of Prattville logo, highlighting fire damage response.

The Aftermath of Fire Damage

Nobody wants to think about the possibility of their home being ravaged by a fire, but the reality is that many residents in Prattville will have to contend with this type of unfortunate event at some point. A fire in may be localized to a particular area of the home, such as is the case with a small grease fire in the kitchen. Perhaps it is more widespread, such as if lightning strikes the home or you have an electrical shortage that causes a fire. Dealing with residential fire damage requires you to take a few specific steps. 

When It Is Safe to Enter the Home 

The firefighters will work diligently to put out the flames, but they may not tell you that it is safe to enter the home for a few hours or even days as they want to ensure that heat does not re-ignite the flames. The extent of the fire will play a major role in how long it will take to safely go back inside. When it is okay to enter the home, you can survey the damage and see if you need to seal up areas that were left open to the outdoors because of fire damage. You can also review areas that may be damaged by firefighters' efforts to extinguish the flames. There may be several areas of fire damage that require your immediate attention. 

Determine How You Will Restore the Damage

The next step will be for you to decide if you will restore the fire damage or if you will reach out to a professional for assistance. Restoring fire damage is not a matter to take lightly, so homeowners who do not have skills with both water extraction and significant home renovations will need to contact a fire damage restoration company for assistance with this task. Keep in mind that fire damage may include actual charred areas as well as water extraction, cleanup of ashes and soot, smoke removal and more.

Begin Working on the Restoration Quickly

After you have experienced fire damage, you want to find a fire damage restoration company, such as SERVPRO® that can get started restoring the home to its former condition as soon as possible. A reputable professional will offer fast responses and 24-hour service. 

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

When fire damage occurs in Prattville, Elmore, or Lake Martin, we have the skills, personnel, and experience necessary to provide you with the superior results that you desire and deserve. Call SERVPRO of Prattville today at (334) 358-1186 to request assistance.

Water Damage Restoration Improves Your Home | SERVPRO® of Prattville

11/3/2023 (Permalink)

Upset woman on phone calling for help for the pipe leak under her sink Call SERVPRO® of Prattville for Quick Action on Water Damage

Call SERVPRO® of Prattville for Residential Water Damage

If you've experienced water damage in your Prattville home, you may feel stressed and anxious about the current condition of your property. Even a small water event can be costly to deal with, and damage to your home, and you may be wondering what steps you can take to overcome the current issues with your property. By learning more about water damage and the remediation process, you'll discover that now is the right time to act and start restoring your home's condition through water remediation services.

The Steps for Water Remediation

Remediation for water damage will take a few steps to complete. First, the water will need to be removed from the building, often done through extraction and the use of powerful fans. Also, the humidity level in the building will need to be restored to a normal level. This needs to be completed as soon as possible. After the water has been removed and the humidity level has been restored, the condition of the building will need to be assessed. Water can damage drywall, flooring, electrical systems, furnishings and more. Items that can be salvaged will be, and new construction or remodeling is often needed for severe water damage cases. Also, deodorization efforts may be necessary to keep the space clean and remove musty or mildew odors. 

Why a Fast Response Is Needed

When you have a water damage event, you may need to pause and regroup to assess the damage, and this is particularly true in a significant flooding event, such as from a natural weather disaster or a severe plumbing leak. However, while you may want to take a moment to assess the situation in detail, fast action is required. Mold is likely to develop in homes where humidity remains high for more than a few days, and this means that you need to act quickly to remove the water and moisture. SERVPRO® of Prattville uses advanced extraction and de-humidifying methods to remove standing water and to restore the relative humidity level to a normal range. We can be at your home quickly to provide you with the fast service you need.

There is no time to delay when you're dealing with a water issue. Prattville area residents want to restore the condition of their homes quickly after a flood or water-damaging event, and you must act promptly to reduce the risk of mold growth in the home. SERVPRO® of Prattville has the proven methods that you need to see the results you desire. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO® of Prattville is strategically located to respond quickly to your fire, mold, flood or water emergency. When a major, damaging event occurs in Prattville, AL we have the resources and personnel to help. Call us 24/7 at (334) 358-1186.

We can Help Make Recovering from Flood Damage Easier | SERVPRO® of Prattville

8/17/2023 (Permalink)

Inusrance professional working at a computer at his desk SERVPRO® of Prattville can act as the middleman for any negotiations with your insurance provider.

Staying on top of your insurance claims and dealings in the event of flood damage to your Prattville home is essential for getting as much out of your policy as possible. Depending on your specific policy, you may be fully covered for everything lost in the storm, or you may just as quickly end up fighting to get what you deserve. Insurance companies are naturally skeptical of customer claims, but with verifiable damage and SERVPRO's help, getting the most out of your insurance policy should not be difficult. Here are a few tips that might make everything related to your insurance easier to manage.

Keep Records and Inventories

Keeping formal records and inventories of your belongings can give you a significant advantage in insurance negotiations should your Prattville home incur flood damage. SERVPRO® of Prattville offers a professional inventory service to determine what is lost and what can be recovered in the house. If we have your recent inventory list, we can compare the two documents to see what items are missing. Keeping updated inventories may mean full compensation for irretrievable items in the event of future damage, and it takes an hour at most for the majority of homeowners.

Ask Us for Help

SERVPRO® of Prattville representatives maintain close contact with all local insurance providers. Insurance companies favor us for our professional and friendly service and may even prefer us as an intermediary for any negotiations. We can help you to manage insurance claims and information and inform the insurance adjuster of any new developments in the restoration job.

Find Out What's Covered

Many people are discouraged when they discover their homeowners' insurance does not cover flood damage. However, they are also often surprised to find a check from their insurance provider later on down the road. Some effects of the flood may be covered under your plan even if you have no flood insurance. Always ask representatives from the insurance provider and us alike about your options before fully writing off costs.

SERVPRO® of Prattville makes it easy and inexpensive to recover from the effects of flood damage. Call us 24/7 at (334) 358-1186.

What can Grow in Your Home After Flooding? | SERVPRO® of Prattville

8/1/2023 (Permalink)

Mold growth in a home Fungi tend to appear in any location that has been figuratively turned upside-down.

Organism Growth in Your Home After Flooding

Storm flooding damages your home and often sets it up as a breeding ground for organisms large and small if left alone. Fast water removal and the start of treatment are essential for anyone wishing to prevent organic growth in their flooded home, which is why SERVPRO® of Prattville uses a strategy of mitigation to respond quickly to a disaster and get it contained before further damage can occur. We fight hardest against these organisms in most residential flood cleanups.

Plants and Seedlings

Floods may wash in soil and debris, which can quickly accumulate in corners or out-of-reach places. However, this debris contains the seeds of wild grasses and plants, which, in the warm and wet environment of your flood-damaged Autaugaville home, will grow easily. Some types of plants may also be able to grow from wood or even tile grout, making them difficult to stamp out entirely. Our SERVPRO team works fast to remove significant debris and soil from your home and scrub and sanitize thoroughly to prevent vegetation from taking any permanent root in your home.

Mold and Fungi

Fungi tend to appear in any location that has been figuratively turned upside-down. A flooded home often provides the perfect habitat for fungi and especially mushrooms, with damp and warm conditions coupled with many dark corners and food sources. Some types of mold and fungi may also cause health effects, so avoiding their growth is a top priority.

Microbes and Bacteria

In any liquid water, microbes, bacteria, and pathogens are likely to be breeding even after an area has mostly dried. These occur naturally in most soils, but that doesn't mean they are harmless. Some common types of soil bacteria can be hazardous in a home. We can only truly rid a home of these microscopic critters through thorough sanitization methods, such as UV ray projectors.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO® of Prattville has experience cleaning up and restoring flood damage in residences of all types in the local area. If your home has encountered a disaster, call us at (334) 358-1186 to find out how we can help.

The Importance of Professional Fire Damage Restoration in Wetumpka | SERVPRO of Prattville

7/24/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Prattville techs cleaning up soot on the ceiling SERVPRO® of Prattville has the water and fire damage training and expertise to help you through this tough time

Whether you have had a small or large fire in the Wetumpka area, you're probably eager to restore your home to its former condition, and SERVPRO of Prattville can help. With our fire damage services, the condition of your home can be restored to like-new condition so that life can quickly return to normal for you and your family. The Challenges Associated with Fire Damage Restoration You may have been fortunate enough to extinguish the fire before a significant portion of the home burned. However, the unfortunate reality is that fire damage can still be widespread throughout the house, even when the fire is localized to a small area. Regardless of how small the fire was, smoke damage can be found throughout most or all of the home. We have the knowledge and equipment to complete professional residential fire damage restoration services. We understand that this is your home and investment, and you want to restore it to its former condition to preserve its value and return to everyday life. SERVPRO of Prattville is ready to start helping you. What to Expect from Residential Fire Damage Restoration When you contact us immediately after the fire has been extinguished, we will enter the home as soon as it is safe to do so. We can secure the property to protect the interior from additional weather-related or vermin infestation and protect the contents of your home from being stolen. Also, we can begin the drying-out process. Most fires are extinguished using water, which must be dried out quickly to minimize the home's mold growth risk. The remediation and restoration process can begin once the home has been thoroughly dried out. We will salvage all of the items we can and use effective techniques to restore some objects to their former condition if they can be saved. The End Result The residential fire damage restoration process may take up to a few weeks or longer, depending on the extent of the fire damage. Some areas of the home may need replacing, such as carpeting and wood flooring. Others may need to be entirely rebuilt by a contracted construction crew. We will facilitate the entire process and work with your insurance company to relieve some of the stress and time of filing a claim. The result is that your home will be beautifully restored to its former condition, and you and your family can continue your regular lives without delay. Contact Us Today SERVPRO® of Prattville is a true leader in fire damage restoration services, and we provide all of the associated services needed to help you overcome the challenges you are facing and restore your home to its former condition. As a locally owned and operated business, we are strategically located to respond quickly to your pressing needs. When a fire occurs in the Wetumpka area, we have the resources and personnel to help. Call us at (334) 358-1186.

The SERVPRO® System Inspires Women and Minorities | SERVPRO of Prattville

5/31/2023 (Permalink)

JFC Luz Leon Guillen, judges in the Inter-American Human Rights Moot Court Competition SERVPRO of Montgomery and SERVPRO of Prattville, JFC Luz Leon Guillen, judges in the Inter-American Human Rights Moot Court Competition

In an unprecedented gesture, SERVPRO of Montgomery and SERVPRO of Prattville, has demonstrated its commitment to human rights by sponsoring its Venezuelan employee, JFC Luz Leon Guillen, to be a judge in the Inter-American Human Rights Moot Court Competition organized by The Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law at the American University Washington College of Law. The Competition is a trilingual moot court (English, Spanish, and Portuguese), based on the Inter-American system for the promotion and protection of human rights. This competition, the only one of its kind on the continent, brings together promising young people from different countries to debate and seek innovative solutions to human rights issues.

The competition, now in its 28th edition, was held from May 21- 27, 2023, on the Washington College of Law campus in Washington, D.C. The co-sponsor of this event, the Inter-American Court and Commission on Human Rights, underscore the relevance and prestige of the contest. These institutions are recognized worldwide for their work in the promotion and protection of human rights in the Americas.

The theme was focused on "Equality and Human Rights: Confronting Racial Discrimination," and as a judge, she was part of several 90-minute oral rounds in Washington DC, and she also evaluated written memorials. Her participation demonstrates your commitment to strengthening the inter-American human rights system and your support for the next generation of lawyers specialized in this field. Also, she shared learning spaces with noted jurists such as Margarette May, Commissioner and President of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, and H.E Alejandra Solano, Ambassador, and Permanent Representative to the OAS for the Republic of Costa Rica, among others.

The sponsorship of SERVPRO of Montgomery and SERVPRO of Prattville for this event is not only financial support but also a strong message about the importance of supporting minorities in the reconstruction of fairer and more inclusive societies. By providing this opportunity to Luz Leon Guillen, the company has demonstrated its commitment to equal opportunities.

The SERVPRO® system inspires women and minorities.

Whether it is with Prevention or Remediation, SERVPRO is Here to help ® | SERVPRO® of Prattville

8/16/2022 (Permalink)

Flooded house surrounded by standing water with SERVPRO logo Flooding can be devastating. Contact SERVPRO® right away after damage for remediation efforts to quickly commence.

Storms can wreak havoc on any home. You might be wondering whether there is anything you can do to stop the weather from trashing your home. SERVPRO®  is here to let you know that, yes, there are several steps you can take.

Sadly, sometimes flood damage caused by inclement weather cannot be prevented. However, not all storms have the power of Cindy, and there are many instances where a few simple checks or changes to your home can prevent storm damage. Taking a few preventative measures means a home is more likely to remain intact, and you save yourself the cost of the cleanup, too.

Clean and functional gutters are more liable to survive a storm without flooding. Get your gutters cleaned regularly, especially in the fall when many leaves gather in them. Check gutters for any leaks or weak spots and get them fixed as soon as possible.

Carry out an annual roof inspection. A loose shingle in your roof gives storm water easy access to your home! Your roof needs regular inspection. Get any leaks, or other damages, repaired at once.

Consider investing in metal storm shutters for windows and doors. Storm shutters are unnecessary if you do not get many storms where you live. However, if you reside in an area that often suffers from storms, it might be worth investing in storm shutters to protect your windows when inclement weather hits.

In the event of storm damage to your home, it is crucial to put in a call to SERVPRO right away. Our caring call center staff take down your details and ask questions about your situation so we can dispatch a fully-equipped team to your home. Our IICRC-certified technicians arrive with powerful pumps to swiftly remove water from your home and extraction equipment to dry out carpets and rugs.

We know you want your home back to normal as quickly as possible, so we draw up a detailed drying plan that covers everything from carpets and drapes to wall spaces, floors, and furniture. We do not quit until the drying goal is reached. We aim to restore your home “Like it never even happened.”

For help with the aftermath of a storm, call SERVPRO®  of Prattville at (334) 358-1186 today.

The Top Three Things You Should Do After Experiencing Storm Damage

8/10/2022 (Permalink)

house damaged by storm and servpro logo SERVPRO® of Prattville works with your insurance company to make it "Like it never even happened. Contact us today to see how we can help."

Prattville families aren’t strangers to significant storms. Still, severe storms and their damage to your homes are stressful and can be overwhelming. However, there are a few things that you should do immediately after experiencing storm damage to return your home and life to normal as quickly as possible. 

Assess the Damage 

When reviewing storm damage around your home, be extremely careful. Powerlines may be down or exposed, floodwater may contain dangerous debris, and damaged trees may still lose limbs. Wear the appropriate gear to protect yourself while surveying the property.

Call Your Insurance Company

Find out what’s covered immediately. Stay in direct communication with your agent to ensure your needs are being handled in a timely fashion. Take photos of as much of the damage as you can. Have pre-damage pictures of your home on hand as well. Doing so will help with getting accurate insurance adjustments and restoration services.

Check for Disaster Assistance

Visit FEMA’s disaster assistance website to determine if assistance is available in your area. The questionnaire is anonymous and will populate recovery assistance types and contact information. FEMA representatives may walk through your neighborhood when storm damage is severe enough. In this case, speak with a local representative to start the process. 

All three of the post-storm damage actions above require quick response times. If your home sustains damage from a storm, you can count on us to help. Contact us anytime to learn more about our storm damage restoration process.

SERVPRO® of Prattville Can Extract Water From Your Commercial Business

8/10/2022 (Permalink)

large room with standing water and servpro logo "SERVPRO® of Prattville is here for you when disaster strikes. Call us today for all your water damage needs."

When you own a warehouse in Prattville, it is essential to check your roof regularly. Remember, each inch of water weighs around five pounds. Pooled water can cause incredible strain over time and lead to leaks and water damage inside your building. Look for any damage to the perimeter flashing, roof membranes, or penetrations to the roof like pipes, drains, and gas lines. These critical safety measures can deteriorate over time, which leaves you with several potential hazards.

Dealing with a water intrusion in your Prattville business is not fun. You need commercial water removal services as soon as possible to get the standing water out and dry your building to prevent additional loss. Our staff at SERVPRO® of Prattville understands the urgency in a situation like this, so we are here to help whenever you need us. With the professional tools and training we have, letting us handle the problem is the best to get your business back on track.

To dry your structure, we also need to remove moisture from the air. Evaporation adds moisture to the atmosphere, and dehumidification eliminates the moisture. Two systems can be used for drying: an open system and a closed system.

An open drying system exchanges the moist air inside your building with the drier air outside. Opening up windows and using fans and air movers to ventilate the structure exchanges the air. These systems work only when the outside air has fewer grains per pound than the air inside. Outside air should have a high temperature and low relative humidity for the best conditions. The difference between the specific humidity of the air outside and inside is also significant.

In a closed system, SERVPRO® of Prattville techs closes off areas affected by the outside air and areas of your structure unaffected. Dehumidification equipment is used to dehumidify the inside air. We must control the indoor environment with air movers and dehumidifiers for a closed system to work. It is easier for us to dry smaller areas, creating a drying chamber by hanging plastic sheeting or closing windows and doors. Using air conditioning may be used as well to assist us in dehumidifying. 

The drying process moves faster by setting up a drying chamber, and we can dry everything more thoroughly.

SERVPRO® of Prattville is careful to use the best drying system to get your property in Prattville or the surrounding areas dry again after a water loss. Contact us at  (334) 358-1186 for all your water restoration needs. 

How SERVPRO® Determines Water Categories | SERVPRO® of Prattville

7/25/2022 (Permalink)

flooded water being extracted with Servpro logo SERVPRO® of Prattville is ready to make it “Like it never even happened.” Call us today for all your water restoration needs!

Whether the water cleanup needs in your property are a result of a leaking roof or a broken water pipe, you must take immediate action. The amount of water on your property and its source helps us to select the most appropriate restoration procedures. SERVPRO® of Prattville classifies water damage into three categories based on their water sources. 

Professional water restoration services are necessary, even when the water is from a treated source such as burst pipes or overflowing sinks.

Category One: Clean Water

Clean water originates from a sanitary water source and does NOT pose a substantial risk from dermal, ingestion, or inhalation exposure.

Clean water usually presents few health effects unless it has flowed across the soil. In most cases, carpets and pads exposed to this water category are salvageable. It is also essential to note Category One can deteriorate quickly to Category Two or Three as it flows through other materials.

Category Two: Gray Water

Gray water contains significant contamination and has the potential to cause discomfort or sickness if contacted or consumed by humans. 

Gray water contains waste products, not human waste. It might be water from an overflowing toilet - without solid matter - or a washing machine. Our SERVPRO® technicians typically advise property owners to replace the carpet pad exposed to gray water. In rare cases, some carpets might be salvageable through thorough cleaning. A Category Two water damage can also deteriorate to a Category Three depending on the time the materials remain wet and how high the temperature rises.

Category Three: Black Water

Black water is grossly contaminated and can contain pathogenic, toxigenic, or other harmful agents, and can cause significant adverse reactions to humans if contacted or consumed.

Category Three requires Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and containment until adequately cleaned. Water from floods full of debris and silt is under this category. It is mandatory to replace porous items and all carpets exposed to this form of water. SERVPRO® technicians ensure we comply with the safety standards recommended by OSHA when dealing with black water.

Here at SERVPRO®, we understand the concerns about possible health effects when exposed to contaminants during the restoration process. Since every situation is unique, we have the experience to choose appropriate Personal Protective Equipment. The most common PPE we use include respirators, hearing protection, disposable coveralls, head protection, gloves, and disposable boots.

SERVPRO® of Prattville attends to all sizes of residential and commercial restoration emergencies. Call us at 334.284.1612 when you need to work with a trusted and locally owned restoration industry leader.