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How We Assist With Mold Mitigation and Remediation | SERVPRO® of Prattville

10/16/2020 (Permalink)

mold on white apartment door SERVPRO® of Prattville professionals provide mold mitigation and remediation services. Contact us to find out more.

Some businesses advertise and guarantee “mold removal”. This is a false statement. Mold occurs naturally and is present all year, almost everywhere, indoors and outdoors. This makes it impossible to remove all mold from a home or business.

Mold remediation focuses on returning mold levels back to normal, natural levels. Our qualified professionals understand the science behind mold and its growth and have the expertise to remediate the mold in your home or business.

Note that before mold remediation can begin, any source of water or moisture must be addressed. Otherwise, it could spread or return. After our initial assessment, we will work through a few steps:

  1. Mold Containment

This is one of the most important steps in mold mitigation. We isolate the contaminated areas from the unaffected areas to prevent cross-contamination. If necessary, negative air chambers are used to barrier the contaminated area and negative air pressure is used to keep the mold spores from spreading during the cleaning process.

  1. Air Filtration

Mold concentrations level may spike in the air. “Air scrubbers” and HEPA vacuums prevent the spread of mold spores during the remediation process.

  1. Cleaning Contents & Belongings

Furniture, décor, clothing and other items can be affected by mold. We clean and sanitize your belongings and will remove odors and use deodorization equipment to help freshen your property.

  1. Remove Mold-Infected Materials and Restore

Sometimes, mold can spread deep into the property and require that we remove affected materials like drywall or carpets. No need to worry! We remove and dispose of those mold infested, porous materials and we use antifungal and antimicrobial treatments to eliminate mold colonies and help prevent the spread of new ones. We can also make repairs, like replacing the drywall and carpets and help restore your property. It will look "Like it never even happened."

Give us a call at 334-284-1612! We will ask you some questions to determine the level of damage and the equipment and personnel needed to help you.

If you suspect mold in your home or business, we are here to help. You can contact us at any hour to learn more about our services or to report damages. Get in touch today to speak with our team regarding mitigation services.

How Much Do You Know About Mold?

10/14/2019 (Permalink)

A Few Important Mold Questions and Their Answers

Mold is a common problem in many buildings. If you have noticed a fungus growth in your North Lilburn home, you may be wondering what you should do about it. Will your insurance cover the costs of removal? The answer to this can vary depending on your circumstances. Here are a few important mold questions and their answers.

  1. When Does Insurance Cover Mold?

In many cases, your insurance policy will not include mold, but there are some exceptions. In situations where it is clear that the growth of mold was caused by a covered peril, then the costs to remove the damage will likely be covered. This can include instances when mold is the result of leaks caused by ice buildup, damage from a broken pipe and accidents involving broken appliances. Some companies also offer added mold insurance policies for an additional price.

  1. When Is Mold Not Covered?

Unfortunately, your standard homeowner's insurance will more than likely exclude most mold coverage. Unless it was caused by a covered peril, you will be required to pay the costs of a mold remediation service on your own. Disasters such as floods are often not included in standard policies, so mold that is the result of a flood will not be covered. It can sometimes be difficult to receive coverage for mold if your home has a history of fungal growth.

  1. How Can You Prevent Mold?

Because getting rid of a fungus growth can be costly, it is better to prevent one from occurring. You can do this by limiting the moisture in your home. Make sure to keep appliances and plumbing fixtures dry. You can lower the humidity by using exhaust fans and opening windows in kitchens and bathrooms. Always fix leaks as soon as possible and clean your home regularly.

While it is unlikely that your insurance will cover a fungus growth, this is not always the case. Be sure to read over your policy carefully so you know exactly what is included. Creating an unsuitable environment for mold in your home will help prevent the need for professional cleanup.

If you suspect you have mold, give SERVPRO of Prattville a call at (334) 358-1186!

SERVPRO Has The Right Methods To Restore Your Tallassee Home Of Mold

2/12/2019 (Permalink)

When you find mold in your home don't panic help is near, call our trusted professionals so they can get started on restoration as soon as possible.

SERVPRO - Removing Mold Damage From Tallassee Homes

Few Tallassee homeowners think of mold when someone says anything relating to home disasters. Active mold spore infestations do not leave everything underfoot wet, and they do not generate heat and smoke. Even so, this quiet disaster costs homeowners millions of dollars every year in restoration and replacement expenses. It is almost like mold tailored its effects for the quiet, Alabama life we enjoy here.

Eliminating Tallassee mold damage means finding and destroying every active mold spore, cleaning all viable surfaces, and disposing of anything past the point of restoration. SERVPRO cleanup and repair teams follow a method that has helped our company return thousands of homes to their owners in a clean, safe condition.

First, we seal off the infested area of the home. Team members use heavy, plastic sheeting to cover windows, air vents, doorways, and other points of entry and exit to isolate the mold and prevent any active spores from getting into other parts of the structure.

Our next step is to determine the extent of the infestation and the type of property affected. The property falls into three categories, which tells inspectors what tools and chemicals are needed to destroy the spores and remove them from porous, non-porous, and semi-porous property.

Porous property, such as upholstered furniture and drywall panels, we first wipe down with a dry sponge and cleaning cloths. If the mold damage layer is thick, technicians have the option of using mild cleaners to break them up for easier removal. Carpets are also porous, so SERVPRO specialists have the option of using a vacuum with a HEPA filter designed to capture mold spores and remove them.

Non-porous property is items like marble countertops and metal refrigerator cabinets. For these items, dry sponges and a mild cleaner often take care of the problem. For thicker layers, technicians can use a stronger, anti-fungal cleaner to break them up and remove safely.

Semi-porous property includes brick and concrete surfaces such as fireplaces and patios. Removing mold is more difficult and may require team members to use stronger cleaning agents and stiff brushes to work all spores loose from cracks and seams; they follow-up with vacuums and HEPA filters to capture all loose spores.

The process to remove mold is not a simple one, but SERVPRO of Prattville takes every action needed to make your home safe again. If you need us, call (334) 358-1186 today to schedule an inspection or bring in one of our restoration teams to get started.

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Don't Hesitate When You Find Mold In Your Pratville Home Call SERVPRO Right Away

12/20/2018 (Permalink)

Call the experts today at first sight of mold in your home.

Mold Damage Restoration for Your Pratville Residence

Finding an infestation of mold in your Prattville home can make for a miserable day. A fungus which travels through the air that settles into your walls, carpeting, tiles and just about anywhere, mold is not a welcome sight. Most people realize that mold can cause health effects for them and their family. It also has the potential to cause significant damage to your personal belongings and the structure of your home.
Therefore, when you discover mold damage in your Prattville home, you need to act fast. Calling in the professional help of our SERVPRO technicians is a wise choice. Our state-of-the-art antimicrobial cleaning solutions are made to remove mold from all kinds of surfaces, whereas just cleaning yourself with bleach won’t do the job thoroughly enough.  We are also fully licensed and insured, plus certified through the IICRC.
From floors and walls to HVAC duct systems, SERVPRO staff clean, sanitize, and deodorize any of the areas in your home affected by mold and return your property to its original condition. We start the process of remediation by identifying and correcting the source of the moisture that created the mold growth.
We then contain the damaged areas, so we do not spread the mold to clean sections of your structure and start the process of removing any visible water. We use air movers and dehumidifiers and high-tech air scrubbers to dry the area. Sometimes, demolition of floors and walls is necessary to make sure we can remove the mold growth.
We respond immediately to your call for help, which helps to reduce how much damage your property suffers, plus lowers restoration costs.  We also work closely with your insurance company, adjusters, and you as the property owner throughout the whole process of mold remediation. Open communications are kept from the initial inspection until the completion of the project to ensure your satisfaction.
SERVPRO of Prattville takes the restoration of your home in seriously after mold damage has occurred. We understand that we must work quickly to prevent further damages from occurring, so call us at (334) 358-1186 as soon as you see a problem. Take a historic walking tour click here for more information. 

MOLD MYTHS ARE REAL!! Prattville Property Owners Turn to SERVPRO for the Facts and Remediation

10/9/2018 (Permalink)

Mold & Myths in Prattville? Not in this Photo--Call SERVPRO for Cleanup and Remediation

The Misinformation about Mold Damage in Your Prattville House

In the restoration and remediation industry that we belong to, we have found that bad information and myths pose the greatest threats to the Prattville community that we serve. While disasters still occur on a regular basis that requires our expertise and training to overcome, our technicians also battle the common beliefs of homeowners about legitimate threats to their home like mold growth.

You may or may not be among the group of Prattville homeowners that do not fully understand mold damages or even consider them a threat to your house. In this case, a lack of credible information available has led to a misunderstanding about the hazards and potential health risks of mold colonization in your house. The more you understand about this organism, the better you can appreciate the need to remove it immediately upon discovery. The myths abound in great number.

One of the first points that you need to know about mold growth in your home is that it is something that continually gets worse the longer it gets ignored. In coupling this information with the understanding that every type of mold that can colonize within your home poses risks to both the construction materials, contents, and even the occupants of your house, you now have a situation that is steadily getting out of control. Our SERVPRO remediation technicians have encountered many homes where the mold colonies had overtaken materials like drywall and wood framing to the point that they were unsalvageable.

The organism feeds on organic materials, and it just so happens that nearly all of the components used in modern construction fit this criterion. Mold growth in your home can quickly spread as a result, given so many surfaces and items that provide a location for spores to seat and a food source to thrive. Our SERVPRO rapid response team can isolate a growing colony and work to preserve materials through the use of antimicrobial solutions, soda blasting, and sanding to remove the organism entirely.

Mold growth is something that every homeowner should take a few minutes to educate themselves about, especially those that might be under the impression that mold is harmless. If you discover a colony or need an inspection for present colonies or potential problem areas, give our SERVPRO of Prattville remediation specialists a call today at (334) 358-1186.

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Mold Can Grow Between the Walls of Your Wetumpka Home

5/11/2018 (Permalink)

When mildew grows between your walls, it can be difficult to get to, call on SERVPRO to help remediate the damage and restore your home.

SERVPRO is Here to Help Remediate Mold Damage in Your Home

Mold damage can be a tricky situation to deal with by yourself, especially when you find it growing in the spaces between your walls. When an event like this arises, it is best to allow a professional restoration company to handle the problem because trying to remediate it yourself can actually do more damage to the structure of your home. It is never wise to attempt to fix these problems without the proper training. Opening up the cavities between your walls requires an understanding of your home that is beyond what the regular person usually would have. Entrusting this task to qualified experts ensures that the job is done correctly and that you can rest comfortably without worry.

Our team of IICRC-certified technicians can investigate the mold damage between the walls of your Wetumpka home and leave you to handle the essential tasks of your life, like your job. Most commonly, mold is fueled by excess moisture. High levels of humidity in Alabama can cause unprotected homes to become a breeding ground for mold spores because they use moisture to accelerate their growth.

SERVPRO can open the wall cavities carefully to clean out the mold damage thoroughly. Depending on the quality of the walls, we may ultimately remove the area impacted by mold. We only remove the material if it is porous and the mold damage is beyond scrubbing away.

However, if they are salvageable, we can clean the mold away and then dry the space. SERVPRO uses unique placements of air movers, polyethylene plastic sheets, desiccant dehumidifiers, tubing, and axial fans to dry out the space between your walls. Afterward, we can thoroughly disinfect the area and then use an antifungal agent to help ensure that mold does not regrow.

Do not hesitate if you find that humidity is causing mold to grow in your home. Dial (334) 358-1186 to reach SERVPRO of Prattville. "We're Faster To Any Size Disaster."

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Water Damage from Spring Time Activities Can Lead to Moldy Areas in Your Wetumpka House

4/26/2018 (Permalink)

Kids and pets can carry water from outdoors into your home, leading to minor water damage that can easily develop into mold damage.

Rely on SERVPRO to Restore Your Home after Water Damage Leaves Mold Damage in Your Home

Spring is here in Wetumpka, and many people want to enjoy the warm weather. Taking the children, pets, or yourself out to parks and nearby wooded areas often mean at least a bit of time near a lake or stream. When the family dog enjoys swimming, or the kids want to wade in the water, pets and clothing often end up wet.

Bringing everyone home after a fun day outdoors around Wetumpka can mean water from the lake gets deposited on sofas or carpets, or inside laundry hampers, leading to water damage. Pets can spread water to their bedding, near their food bowls, and anywhere else they venture. Even though this damage remains small and isolated, it can lead to mold damage.

The water from natural bodies of water often contain microbes ready to do damage once they come inside your home. We at SERVPRO also love being outside and know that the fun found there can help bond families together. However, water damage and moldy conditions can help create stress when homeowners worry about the safety of their home. We can help keep any health effects of mold minimized by remediating the problem.

Before addressing the mold, however, we must eliminate the moisture and humidity caused by the water brought into your home. Our extraction equipment comes in many sizes, from flood-water removal pumps to desiccant machines that dry the air. Once the air's humidity levels return to normal, we can begin using our air scrubbers and other mold-extraction equipment to perform professional mold remediation services in your home. The elimination of moisture keeps water damage from developing while keeping conditions too dry for mold and other microbes to grow.

SERVPRO of Prattville wants to help your family avoid any of the health effects mold presents while protecting your home from the possibility of water damage. Contact us at (334) 358-1186 if you live in or near the Tallassee, Elmore, or Autaugaville communities so we can help restore your home to pre-disaster condition.  

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Improperly Cleaned Water Damage Can Lead To Mold Growth In Your Wetumpka Residence

4/4/2018 (Permalink)

Water Leaks Cause Mold Damage in Wetumpka--Call SERVPRO for Cleanup and Remediation

SERVPRO Remediates Mold Damage Starting from the Source--Water and Moisture

Many Wetumpka homeowners believe that they can handle every instance that affects their home and causes some damage. While minor situations can likely get resolved with a little elbow grease on your end, water emergencies and subsequent damages are rarely among them. The reason for this is that many of these events have broad effects on your home that conventional cleaning and drying efforts cannot adequately resolve.
The fuel of mold growth in Wetumpka properties, food and water place signifidant roles in the destruction that may follow. Water damage in your residence can come from a variety of sources and impact the materials used in the construction of your home in different ways. Worse still, damages that do not get cleaned up and restored the first time correctly offer the potential for these same damages getting worse or compounding conditions which threaten your house in a new way.
This fact is part of the reason why SERVPRO is such an excellent choice for any water emergency that you might have in your home. Our expertise and equipment can help you to entirely restore any damaged area so that you are no longer at risk of compounding effects like fungal growth and mold colonies. These are typical effects to follow an inadequately dried water damage event.
Mold damage in your home is a serious condition that requires professional remediation services to resolve. More is understood all the time about the potential health effects that result from exposure to mold growth in your home, and so you should do your best to avoid situations that can allow mold spores to thrive on organic material surfaces and structural components of your home.
This avoidance begins with quality water damage restoration, which works to extract the present water from the affected area and dry it thoroughly. Inspection with thermal imagery can identify moisture and present water inside of walls, ceilings, and underneath floors in your home. Specialized tools can get used in instances that require deeper penetration to dry an area entirely.
This introduction might only give you a small piece of our restoration process, but it can show you the benefit of choosing SERVPRO of Prattville to help you clean up the mess. With the realistic threat of mold growth stemming from your water damage, you can trust our experienced and certified specialists to get the job done correctly. Give us a call today at (334) 358-1186.

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Prevention Techniques Keep Mold Damage at Bay in Your Tallassee Residence

3/14/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO has the skills and training to properly and thoroughly remove mold damage from your home and prevent future mold growth.

Call on the Professionals at SERVPRO for Expert Mold Remediation

Your Tallassee home consists of different materials, and some of these come from organic sources. Microbes, including mold, need organic food sources to live. However, they also require a steady supply of moisture. Because we cannot build homes easily without using organic compounds, we must rely on our ability to control the moisture content in our homes when we want to control the growth of microbes.

Whenever you find that your Tallassee home contains mold damage, attending to it immediately can help save your home from suffering any additional damage. SERVPRO's Applied Microbial Remediation Technician (AMRT) has the skills needed to quickly and effectively remediate any amount of damage affecting your residence. Keeping things dry inside your home can mean the difference between long-term success and a quick return of mold growth.

We use different but effective methods to contain the spores and pieces of mold that can end up so easily in the air. HEPA-filters on our air scrubbers extract microscopic particles so they can no longer pose a threat to your home. As a part of a negative air pressure system that we temporarily install to seal up the moldy areas of your home, an air scrubber pulls clean air into the area while forcing dirty air out of your property.

We thoroughly inspect all materials before removing them. This aspect of our work ensures us that we only remove those materials that cleaning cannot restore. We place all materials that we do remove in secure bags to prevent contamination as we carry these ruined materials out of your home for disposal.

Because most microbes remain non-problematic, maintaining a low level of humidity in your home can prevent many problems with mold growth and the damage it causes. Installing new sump pumps or dehumidifiers, or both can help keep the moisture in your home at a healthy level. In addition to this, ensuring that we eliminate any sources of water that might cause problems helps immensely. Without water, mold just cannot grow.

SERVPRO of Prattville is here to help you and your family with remediation for mold damage and the restoration of your home. Call us any day or night, any day of the year, at our local number, (334) 358-1186 for professional assistance.

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Understanding What Mold Damage Really is in Wetumpka

1/8/2018 (Permalink)

If you discover a mold colony, SERVPRO recommends you shut off the HVAC system to prevent the mold from spreading to other areas of your home.

Allow SERVPRO to Remediate Mold Damage Before It Gets Out of Hand

Mold colonies can present some of the toughest, most intractable problems for modern American homes, but to understand how to beat such infestations requires a keen understanding of their biology and nature. If you know what causes mold damage in Wetumpka, you may better be able to stop its effects and control growth on your property.

When you see mold damage in your Wetumpka home, what you are really viewing is a large colony of many thousands to millions of individual organisms. The smallest unit of fungal infections is the spore. Spores can be smaller than the tiniest cells in your body, or almost large enough to be seen by the naked eye. These small units multiply rapidly and spread far across a surface, eventually increasing in number and size until you can see them without a microscope or magnification tool.

Most varieties of mold in modern American homes spread out before piling up. The easiest way for new spores to take root and begin to grow is to find a space on the edge of the colony and grow from there. However, as the fungus eats away at whatever surface it has settled on, new spores may begin to grow atop others, giving mold its fuzzy and uneven texture.

Mature colonies reproduce quickly, as individual organisms sprout long stalks tipped with fresh, dormant spores that function as seeds. These can be picked up by passing objects, air currents, water flow, or any other physical force, and be deposited somewhere else where they can grow anew. This is why SERVPRO recommends you shut off your HVAC system when you discover a significant colony in your home: with minimal air currents in your home, the mold should have a harder time spreading to new rooms and areas.

SERVPRO of Prattville has dealt with residential mold damage cases in the local area for years. For our seasoned expertise and careful service, call us at (334) 358-1186.

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Tips to Prevent Mold Damage to Your Tallassee Home- What Do Professionals Say?

12/26/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Patches Remediated by SERVPRO Protects Tallassee Properties-Call for Advice

Contact SERVPRO for Advice and Mold Remediation Services to Tallassee Properties

Mold damage can wreak havoc on your property. If you are not careful, mold can spread quickly and cause extensive damage to your Tallassee home that can cost thousands to fix. That said, if you are vigilant and seek professional help right away, a lot of the damage can be saved.

There are many of tips out there to tackle mold damage to your Tallassee home. However, not all of those tips work and can even worsen the situation. So, what do the professionals say you should do? Well, let us find out.  

Never try to remove mold by yourself if it is over 10 square feet in area. One of the first things that SERVPRO technicians tell homeowners is not to try and get rid of the mold by themselves. There are a lot of do-it-yourself tips to get rid of the mold out there, but avoid them at all cost. It is unfortunate that there are many scare tactics and misinformation that just compound a not too complex mold infestation. Trying to clean the old damage can worsen the situation and even spread the mold to unaffected areas of your home. Besides, mold can have health effects as well. Our IICRC certified SERVPRO technicians have the appropriate protective gear and safety training to ensure a proper and safe operation.  

Check your home for signs of mold

Catching the mold damage in its early stage is the key to complete restoration. Make sure that you inspect your home for early signs of mold and if you spot mold, make sure that you contact SERVPRO technicians as soon as possible. Ignoring mold, however small it is, can be a huge mistake.  Never hesitate to call us, even for a consultation.

Control the moisture in your home

Mold loves moisture. Ensure that you do not have excess residual moisture due to leaky fixtures, drain pipes or clogged toilets. Inspect your attics, bathrooms, and crawlspaces regularly and get leakages fixed as soon as you can.

SERVPRO technicians have years of experience and expertise in restoring mold damage. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, and our technicians are always ready to help you in your time of need.
Call SERVPRO of Prattville at (334) 358-1186 today to schedule an appointment.

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Possible Causes of Mold Damage in Wetumpka Homes

11/3/2017 (Permalink)

It is important to regularly check the ceiling below an attic for mold damage, a leak in the roof can go unnoticed for a long period of time.

Common Causes of Mold Growth

Mold growth is a serious concern in Wetumpka homes, especially during cold and rainy seasons. Mold requires food, moisture, and a suitable temperature range to thrive. It can grow anywhere in the house, including walls, carpeting, floors, furniture, clothes, and even drywall. The worst cases of mold damage occur in hidden areas, where water accumulates and promotes mold growth without detection.

If you find mold on any part of your house, contact SERVPRO immediately for mold remediation services. Our mold damage control experts are available to serve Wetumpka and its environs anytime, ensuring that your home is back to normal as quick as possible. We use IICRC-approved methods in every restoration job and always put safety first when we arrive at the site.

After several days of rainfall, it is common to see mold growth on walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. If your area is particularly prone to high humidity levels, then mold damage can be a recurring problem in your home. Indoor humidity can also increase when moisture inside the house evaporates into the air. If you have poor ventilation, the humidity may stay for a long time, leading to mold growth.

Drying clothes indoors is another common cause of mold growth and mold damage, as it tends to bring indoor humidity problems. Additionally, your HVAC system can create humidity issues while it artificially cools or heats the air. In some cases, SERVPRO mold remediation experts install humidifiers to keep the humidity levels to below 55% (which is when mold growth occurs).

Water leaks from pipes can also cause mold growth, especially if they go undetected. Similarly, a leak in the roof may cause water to drain into the attic unnoticeably until signs of mold damage appear. The best thing to do in this situation is to check the space regularly and watch out for the ceiling below the attic. In the event of a leaking problem, contact SERVPRO immediately for mold detection and remediation services.

Cold surfaces can lead to condensation in the house, which may, in turn, collect on cold metal pipes and cold concrete floors. Places like these are susceptible to mold damage. Avoid leaving clothes wet for too long in the house as mold can grow on them and spread to other surfaces.

Quick reaction is the key to fighting mold growth in the house. As soon as you detect the presence of mold damage, SERVPRO of Prattville can come in and start the mitigation process. Call us today at (334) 358-1186.

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Prattville Mold Damage Treatments Vary

6/21/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Has Many Forms and Shapes in a Prattville Home, SERVPRO Remediates Them All

SERVPRO Inspects and Remediates Mold Infestations in Prattville According to the Conditions of the Property

Mold growth can go unnoticed for days and weeks. The contamination can range from small patches on the wall behind a washer with a leaky hose to a massive growth over the entire attic thanks to a leaky roof or a damaged drain pipe.

Removing mold damage from a Prattville home is not a ‘one-spore fits all’ process. The methods we use at SERVPRO depend on what kind of surface the mold is on. The requirements for glass, metals, and plastic (nonporous surfaces) are very different from carpeting, drywall, fabrics, and insulation (porous surfaces.)
When it comes to porous materials, we recommend disposal for many of them. Carpeting and fabrics can be cleaned in some cases by either spraying or shampooing them with an anti-microbial agent and then thoroughly drying them. Curtains and drapes are often salvageable, but furniture is harder to clean since the upholstery is not removable without damaging it further. However, the type and makeup of the furniture plays a large part in salvaging.

Drywall and insulation are particularly vulnerable to mold damage, as it is very time-consuming and expensive to attempt to clean off or destroy the mold without damaging the building materials. It is so difficult because as mold spores grow, they extend root-like objects called hyphae across and into surfaces. Once these extensions grow into drywall, the affected section must be cut away to remove the mold. These same hyphae grow into insulation rolls and around the individual strands which make them impossible to remove, and the only option is to dry out the material to force the spores back into an inert state.

Property and material with a nonporous surface can be cleaned using water, an antimicrobial cleaner or a vacuum with a special HEPA filter. These filters are designed to catch and trap even a single spore and are very effective in removing dry mold spores from glass and metal surfaces. If our technicians use water or a cleaning agent, we clean and dry the item, then check it for missed spores and then repeat the process as needed.

SERVPRO of Prattville has decades of experience when it comes to cleaning mold from area homes. If you require our help, call today at (334) 358-1186.

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Understanding What Makes Mold Damage Occur in Your Prattville Area Home

5/16/2017 (Permalink)

Our technicians assess your house for mold or can remediate damage. Let our expertise work for you.

SERVPRO Technicians Take Consideration of the Factors That Lead to Mold Proliferation

You should understand that the right conditions need to exist for mold damage to begin growing within your family's living space. Without the proper food source, lighting conditions, temperature, or the amount of oxygen and water, mold cannot grow.
If even one of these is missing within your Prattville area home, mold damage halts, making it essential to control your home’s indoor environment correctly. However, mold can lie dormant for a very long time, waiting for the right conditions to exist that promote growth.
SERVPRO technicians can help you identify moisture sources that exist causing mold to flourish in your home. Things such as humidity level, plumbing leaks, a/c condensation, and inadequate ventilation all play a role in the quality of environmental conditions your family interacts with on a daily basis.
At SERVPRO we recommend using dehumidifiers when warm, humid weather strikes your area. Extensive rainfall creates condensation on a variety of surfaces including windows, doors, and walls that you can brush up against, easily transferring microscopic spores to other sections of your home.
Plumbing leaks of any size can go unnoticed for weeks, or even months, before becoming visible. What little you can see, often hides a much larger problem that you simply are not adequately suited to deal with properly, making professional SERVPRO technicians even more important.
Improper ventilation in areas with constant water sources found on your property, allows moisture to create pockets where mold grows unencumbered. This gives mold an opportunity to spread throughout your common areas, such as the laundry room, bathroom, or kitchen.  
Ground water seeps into the crawlspaces, or utility access locations, causing structural damage and affecting your indoor air quality. With grading, drainage, and the proper emergency precautions in place, the majority of these issues get the attention they need.
However, it is in your hands to put expertly trained technicians to work for you. You can take advantage of what these professionals have to offer and secure your family's future with a simple phone call.  
The staff at SERVPRO of Prattville makes every effort to provide you with a stress-free restoration process and return your home to a quality pre-damage condition you and your family can enjoy for years to come. Call today. (334) 358-1186

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Finding Mold Damage in Your Prattville Home

4/16/2017 (Permalink)

Mold can hide in corners or be very visible. SERVPRO is equipped to deal with either situation and has the latest detection tools. Call today.

SERVPRO Has a Trusted Proven Process to Remediate Mold Damage in Your Home

Mold exists everywhere. When water, darkness, and cellulose are located near each other, the mold that is already present can begin to grow. Mold grows as long as it continues to have both food and moisture available – direct sunlight can kill small amounts of mold, and often inhibits the growth of larger colonies.
Homes in Prattville that have unused areas and rooms can develop mold damage. Finding mold growing in your guest room can be embarrassing and scary. Mold growth does not happen overnight, even though it might seem that way. Guest rooms that are closed off and have little to no ventilation are often victims of mold. Occasionally airing out a room and allowing sunlight to enter can help prevent mold from growing out of control. When mold has already become a problem, SERVPRO can help get everything back to normal again.
Because mold can grow on different surfaces and permeate various materials, we do more than just structural restorations. Textiles that have been mold damaged can often be cleaned so that mold returns to normal levels again, preventing them from rapidly disintegrating. Damaged walls and ceilings can be removed and replaced, and then treated with safe mold-inhibiting agents, making mold much less able to affect them in the future. Air scrubbers are an excellent way to remove mold spores that are suspended in the air, keeping you and your family from breathing them in, and from spreading to other areas of your home.
These methods are only a few of the ways SERVPRO removes mold damage. Our work is not complete, however, until mold is reduced to normal levels within your home. Finding the source of the moisture that let mold begin growing is one of the first things we do.
We are certified in mold remediation and know that removing mold contamination is only effective when mold prevention is also part of our work. Keeping your home dry with the use of dehumidifiers can keep mold from returning.
SERVPRO of Prattville wants to help you maintain a healthy environment indoors. Mold damage can prevent this, so we are available 24/7 to take your call. Whenever you find mold damage, call us at (334) 358-1186.

How Mold Spores in Your Wetumpka Property Survive So Well

1/12/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Spore Clean Up is Part of Mold Remediation in Wetumpka

SERVPRO is a Natural Enemy of Mold Spores

Although mold requires a particular set of conditions to grow, with the exact parameters varying by species, mold spores can survive in extremes of temperature, moisture, weather, pressure, and almost any other obstacle the world can throw at them. SERVPRO has seen mold growing in some of the least likely places, behind objects and in areas many homeowners would not even have thought possible. Mold spores are almost impossible to destroy fully, and their tiny size helps to ensure that they float freely almost everywhere on earth. But why are these tiny organisms, which most closely resemble plant seeds, so durable?

The key to the longevity and spontaneous growth of mold damage in Wetumpka is the size of its spores; mold spores' tiny size is one of the primary reasons behind their durability. It is a basic principle of mathematics and engineering that the larger an object is, the less geometrically stable it is. In this way, the tiny sizes and compact forms of these fungi spores allow them to withstand almost all crushing or abrasive damages. This also reduces the number of natural predators and biological encounters the mold can have, as almost all macroscopic creatures are too large to consume and feed off of mold spores.
In addition to their resistance to physical disruptions, mold spores are highly resistant to temperature, moisture, and often chemical changes. Specific types of mold have different potential limitations, which SERVPRO technicians know and can identify as potential treatment solutions. Overall, though, mold spores can avoid calamity in extreme conditions due to their protective states of dormancy. While laying dormant, the spore is all but dead, much like a seed waiting to be planted. It is only when mold spores become active and start to grow that they are vulnerable to most treatments.
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Post-Flood Mold Damage in Wetumpka

11/20/2016 (Permalink)

Mold growth and damage is best left to the professionals at SERVPRO. That way, it is done right the first time!

Fast Action to Remediate Mold Can Save you Money and Time

Heavy rains can cause the Coosa River to rise past flood stage, putting homes in the area at risk of seepage and standing water in their lower levels. If the water is not pumped out or otherwise extracted within 48 hours the risk of mold damage to the structures, fixtures, furnishings and other contents of the house soars. If you have experienced flooding in your home and begin to notice a musty smell or see evidence of mold growth on floors, ceilings or under rugs or in furniture, it is essential to take action right away. SERVPRO can be at your home on the same day to inspect for mold and to help devise and implement a plan to remediate the mold growth.

If the water in your basement was relatively clean after flooding, know that mold still can grow quickly. Spores of many common strains of mold are always present inside and outside and all it takes to start the growth of a fungal colony is moisture. Mold damage in Wetumpka can be complicated with other microbial growth if the water seeping or flooding into your home is contaminated. We can start moving quickly to prevent mold damage if we get pumps and water extractors on the job in your home as soon after the flooding as possible. Professional mold damage control rather than a do-it-yourself approach is key as disturbing the outbreak risks spreading spores, and inhaling, touching or accidentally ingesting mold can cause some people to experience health issues. If you have concerns about your or family members’ reactions to mold contact your health care professional.

SERVPRO technicians will swiftly put in place a plan to contain moldy areas, and then assess whether the mold can be cleaned off or if it and the material it infiltrates needs to be removed and properly discarded. Great care is taken by our technicians to use proper EPA techniques to manage the mold, using protective gear and evacuating you and your family from areas where the mold being remediated. Once the mold has been cleaned off, or infiltrated items have been removed we will then work on drying the areas affected thoroughly to prevent a recurrence of the mold. Avoid trying to clean or dry the areas yourself and let the highly trained mold remediation specialists complete the job following industry standards.

After the flood contact SERVPRO of Prattville to evaluate your property for potential mold damage. Our team of local mold remediation technicians can be scheduled to visit your home by calling (334) 358-1186 any time of the day or night, 365 days a year.

What Does SERVPRO Do About Mold Damage In Cabinets?

8/23/2016 (Permalink)

Microscopic mold spores still find their way into cabinet interiors, causing troublesome mold colonies.

Removing Mold Damage From Cabinets

Mold primarily grows in damp, dark conditions, which can describe a number of places in any given home. However, most of these places are somewhat exposed, and the mold is easily visible should someone stumble upon it. Less visible, however, are cabinets and small places. Although these are less accessible and less visible to us humans, microscopic mold spores still find their way into cabinet interiors, causing troublesome mold colonies. SERVPRO uses a number of tactics and advanced equipment to tackle these hard-to-reach colonies of mold.

In almost every case of mold damage in Millbrook, a thorough drying process is required. Drying ensures that mold can not grow any further, cutting off its most vital nutrient. Although drying will not remove mold already grown, it is important in preventing future patches from reappearing. We use industrial tools and machinery for drying purposes, in order to be as thorough as possible.
Scrubbing and Sanitization
Scrubbing off mold is a necessary step, and although cabinet interiors can be hard to reach, we use special brushes and tools to access even the deepest corners. Afterward, sanitizing chemicals are applied to the entire interior, to kill off any isolated spores still alive inside.
Odor Removal
What may have alerted you to the mold's presence in the first place is its strong smell. Most types of mold emit strong, foul or musky odors of some sort, and this is a major source of frustration for homeowners dealing with mold. We use ultra-low volume (ULV) foggers for tight spaces, to mask and eliminate odors via airborne chemicals. These machines are specifically designed for mold colonies in places such as cabinets, where larger, room-wide deodorizers are not appropriate.
SERVPRO of Prattville is strategically positioned to provide fast and efficient service to all homes in the local area. With trained and certified personnel, industry-leading equipment, and friendliness among employees, we handle any mold remediation job with a smile. Call us at (334) 358-1186 for 24/7 service.