Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Stormwater Damage to an Attic in Prattville

Driving rains that breach a roof are often the cause of major water damage to a Prattville building. Once the storm subsides, the damages can be mitigated to the initial shock with a fast water removal service. The remaining moisture that has soaked into the ceiling panels, insulation and supports can be dried more rapidly with the use of injectidry technology. The hoses (tentacles) are blowing heated air into the attic void to increase the rate of evaporation with the air movement and also to hold more water vapor. With an increased RH relative humidity, the dehumidification equipment can condense this airborne moisture into containers thereby minimizing the drying time. Rely on the techs from SERVPRO for storm-damaging cleanup and restoration.

Storm Damage – Prattville

Storm damage in Prattville can sometimes take on enormous proportions. When large loss events are encountered there is a need for a lot of equipment and a lot of trained technicians to operate the sophisticated equipment required for storm damage restoration. SERVPRO is prepared to help.

Wetumpka Stormwater Damage

Stormwaters not only wet and ruin drywall and flooring elements, but disinfecting of the affected areas is needed because of the contaminants swept in with the rushing waters. Call SERVPRO in Wetumpka to clean up and restore your property.

Wetumpka Storm Flooded Basement

The muddy deposit of contaminated water covered this basement floor in a commercial building in Wetumpka. SERVPRO crew members can use equipment from our Green Fleet to clean up the muddy debris and disinfect the affected area.

Storm Damage – Prattville

Storm damage struck this Prattville office and warehouse combination when large windows were busted out during the storm. As the photo shows, we had a great deal of debris to deal with and the standing water. We cleaned up the debris and removed the water with truck-mounted pumps.

Storm Damage – Prattville House

Storm damage left standing water at this Prattville house that was undergoing a remodeling. SERVPRO was contracted to clean up the water to save the framing that was exposed to the standing water and to disinfect and sanitize the affected surfaces.